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Liverecording of the Klangextase Livestream out of the Fundbureau club in Hamburg on 5th of may 2020. … Read MoreRead More
Inspired by my last holiday in Finnish Lapland, i´ve choosen some deep and melodic sounds for this mix which tells a story of deeply frozen, snow-covered landscapes, silence and an overwhelming nature in the middle of nowhere what means "Ei mitään ääniä" in Finnish. … Read MoreRead More
Herr Oppermann - live @ Moondoo Hamburg - Behind the Decks. … Read MoreRead More
Herr Oppermann - live @ JuicyBeats Festival 2018 - Deepandance Housefloor. … Read MoreRead More
Herr Oppermann - live @ Fundbureau Hamburg - Tächno Party. … Read MoreRead More
Herr Oppermann B2B Dominic Duve - live @ Uebel & Gefährlich Hamburg - Bunker Nacht. … Read MoreRead More